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Madeline Tyson

  • Strategic Analysis and Engagement

Madeline (Mady) Tyson, Phd is a Manager on the Strategic Analysis & Engagement Group, focused on systems analyses, community scale solar initiatives, and emerging storage technologies and value propositions.

Madeline Tyson was a contributing author of the Seven Challenges for Energy Transformation, a report that examines meeting the urgency of the climate challenge in the next 10 years.


Before joining RMI Mady received her Phd in Sustainability from Arizona State University, where she used complex adaptive systems such as agent-based modeling and institutional analysis to study energy transition strategies. She has an affinity for clean technology development, evidenced by the startup she launched which developed a method of converting waste algae into crude oil and her time as a tech-to-market scholar at DOE ARPA-E.

Authored Works

Envisioning the Rural Electric System of the Future

In September 2018, experts from across the electricity industry gathered at RMI’s e–Lab Summit to discuss the most important emerging trends and opportunities. This blog outlines takeaways from the Transforming Rural Electric Supply group. The rural electric system—like the rest of the US electric system—was designed to capture economies…