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Kester Wade

  • Africa Energy Program
  • Empowering Clean Economies

Kester is an Associate in the ECE (Empowering Clean Economies) Program, currently supporting work in Sub-Saharan Africa, and in the Caribbean. As part of the Africa Energy team in Sub-Saharan Africa, Kester is undertaking research on subsets of rural electrification, especially for productive uses. Alongside the Islands team, he is using the Caribbean as a nexus for advancing electricity sector resilience, especially as it fits into holistic energy planning for vulnerable sites, cities, and facilities worldwide.


Prior to joining RMI, Kester undertook research in various facets of energy and sustainability. Some of his endeavors include feasibility studies for floating solar technology in Northern California and an on-campus biodiesel plant at Stanford, and development of a self-repairing water recycling system for the ISS at NASA.


B.Sc.,Chemical Engineering, Stanford University


New York City, NY

Why I Love Working At RMI

I am excited and proud to help drive regional clean energy transitions as part of globally impactful sustainability efforts.

Authored Works
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Agriculture, Rural Electrification, and Community Resilience in Ethiopia

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Malawi Sustainable Investment Study

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