Jessica Azulay

Program Director at Alliance for a Green Economy

Jessica Azulay is program director of Alliance for a Green Economy, a coalition of environmental, social justice, and anti-war organizations working together for a 100% renewable energy system in New York. In her role as program director, Jessica manages the policy work, campaign strategy, and public education work of the organization. Jessica was born and raised in rural West Virginia and moved to her current home in Syracuse, NY in 2002. She has 20 years of multi-issue grassroots organizing experience and a Bachelor’s Degree from Sarah Lawrence College where she focused on political economy and international economics. Before coming to AGREE, Jessica worked professionally as nonprofit publisher, editor and journalist with the award-winning hard news website, The NewStandard, where she honed her research and communications skills. She previously served on the Board of Directors of the Syracuse Peace Council and the Syracuse Cooperative Federal Credit Union, and served as faculty for three years at the Z Media Institute. Jessica was a 2015 recipient of the GreeningUSA “Sustaining Our Communities Award” for her development of the successful Solarize Syracuse campaign and she was the 2016 recipient of “Lou and Judi Friedman Legacy Award” from Beyond Nuclear and People’s Action for Clean Energy for her inspiring leadership and coalition building to transition New York State to a carbon-free and nuclear-free energy supply.