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Jeff Waller

  • Electricity

Jeff Waller is a Principal with RMI’s sustainable finance practice. He works closely with RMI’s major practice areas (buildings, communities, electricity, industry, and transportation) to ensure that the application of finance to RMI’s research and programs is as rigorous and innovative as possible. Jeff joined RMI in August 2015.


Jeff comes to RMI from Dexia Crédit Local, where he was most recently a Senior Vice President. Jeff spent 13 years in Dexia’s project finance group, where he structured loans and managed a portfolio of transactions that financed power plants (with a particular emphasis on utility-scale renewable energy projects) and infrastructure assets. In that role, Jeff successfully closed more than 15 project finance transactions with Dexia in a lead structuring and/or underwriting role, comprised of more than 2,200 MW of capacity and totaling $3 billion in debt facilities. Jeff also managed a $500+ million portfolio of power generation (wind, solar, hydro, cogeneration and gas-fired), infrastructure, transmission and leveraged lease transactions in North and South America.


Bachelor of Arts (Near Eastern Studies), Princeton University
Master of International Affairs (International Finance and Business), Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs


New York City

Authored Works
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Envisioning the Rural Electric System of the Future

In September 2018, experts from across the electricity industry gathered at RMI’s e–Lab Summit to discuss the most important emerging trends and opportunities. This blog outlines takeaways from the Transforming Rural Electric Supply group. The rural electric system—like the rest of the US electric system—was designed to capture economies…

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RMI Playbook Provides Roadmap to a Cleaner, More Cost-Effective Grid

US utilities continue to spend tens of billions of dollars annually on infrastructure, even as electricity sales growth flattens. Paying for these investments will fall to customers for years to come. However, non-wires solutions (NWS)—targeted applications of distributed energy resources (DERs) like solar photovoltaics and efficiency technologies—increasingly are a cost-effective…

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Death And Taxes: How “Business-Friendly” Tax Reform Has Alarming Consequences for Clean Energy

This blog post is part of a series from RMI’s Business Renewables Center (BRC), which streamlines and accelerates corporate purchasing of off-site, large-scale renewable energy. In late 2015, Congress passed bipartisan legislation that provided the wind and solar industries with a stable policy environment. After over a decade of short-term tax…

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Report Release: Financing Community-Scale Solar

Download Financing Community-Scale Solar here. Effective financing approaches have been fundamental to the solar industry’s exponential growth over the past 15 years. The first solar power purchase agreement (PPA) in the early 2000s enabled customers to spread their upfront costs for solar over time, just as home mortgages…