India Emerick

India Emerick

India is a former Associate with the Carbon-Free Electricity Program at RMI, where she worked on the Utility Transition Finance team. India’s work focused on how investors, regulators, and other stakeholders can best leverage climate disclosure and data reporting to incentivize faster action on decarbonizing the generation and use of energy. She also focused on how alternative utility regulatory mechanisms can spur the energy transition without disenfranchising utilities or ratepayers.


Prior to RMI, India worked as a climate change consultant at the global environmental consulting firm ERM. In that role, she worked with large North American corporations to understand their risks and opportunities related to climate change and the energy transition, measure their emissions, set greenhouse gas reduction targets and enact other climate strategies, and improve their transparency and disclosure.

Before going to graduate school and pivoting to work on climate change, India spent several years living in Beirut, Lebanon. There, she worked for international think thanks on military interventionism norms and issues around the Syrian refugee crisis. In that work, she could not ignore the impact that climate change, drought, and resource mismanagement were having on people and politics in the region.

Outside of work, India loves to camp, hike, snuggle with her dog, go swimming in every single body of cold fresh water she comes across, and cook. She also loves to do various low-stakes crafting projects—from woodworking to sewing to painting to gardening—and occasionally abandon these projects halfway through.


M.Sc., Environmental Economics and Climate Change, London School of Economics
B.A., International Relations (specializations in International Security and the Middle East), Stanford University