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Iain Campbell

Senior Fellow
  • Carbon-Free Buildings

Iain Campbell is a Senior Fellow at RMI.


Prior to joining RMI, Iain held various positions with Johnson Controls; most notably he was responsible for the Global Energy Solutions and the Global Workplace Solutions businesses within the Building Efficiency division. These businesses generated revenues in excess of $5.5 billion and were amongst the fastest growing businesses within the Building Efficiency division over this time period. In addition to the organic growth achieved, Iain led acquisitions in the areas of building services, lighting, demand response, energy management, and carbon reporting.

Previously Iain served as the President of York International, Americas where he was responsible for the commercial and industrial HVAC and refrigeration businesses covering product development, engineering, manufacturing, sales, and service within the Americas region. This business generated revenues in excess of $1.8 billion.

Iain commenced his career in 1983 with York International in the U.K.; Johnson Controls acquired York International in 2005. Iain retired from Johnson Controls in 2014 to pursue his dream to qualify and compete at the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii and continue his passion for energy and the environment at RMI.


Chartered Management Accountant


Boulder, CO

Authored Works

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The world’s first air conditioner was developed in 1902 to remove humidity from a building. Willis Carrier’s invention, that enabled the precise control of temperature and humidity, became the fundamental building block for modern air conditioning, evolving through the 1920s into air conditioners to provide cooling to the built environment.


Lumens as a Service

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A Leap Ahead for Energy Efficient Homes Down Under

Last month REA Group—the global online real estate advertising company and owner of realestate.com.au—launched Energy Scores on its popular real estate platform in partnership with U.S.-based Tendril to provide an instant snapshot of whole home energy performance across more than 80 percent of Australia’s home market.