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Garrett Fitzgerald


Dr. Fitzgerald is a former Manager in the Mobility Transformation program.  His work was primarily focused on Fleet Electrification and Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure for shared, electric, and eventually autonomous mobility.  Prior to his work in the Mobility practice he spent 4 years working in RMIs Electricity practice collaborating with industry partners to evaluate and improve the value proposition of distributed energy resources.


Garrett studied Mechanical engineering at Santa Clara University with a focus on sustainable energy engineering where he participated in the 2007 and 2009 DOE sponsored solar decathlon, designing and building a stand alone solar powered home. Garrett completed a M.S. in Earth Resource Engineering at Columbia University in the department of Earth and Environmental Engineering. Immediately following he began his doctoral work in the same department studying a novel method of producing natural gas while sequestering carbon dioxide in the arctic permafrost regions. During his doctoral work he collaborated with a fellow PhD student to develop Solar Journey USA, an education and outreach project focused on demonstrating the potential of PV and EV integration into the new energy infrastructure.


Ph.D, Earth and Environmental Engineering, Columbia University, New York
M.Sc., Earth Resource Engineering, Earth and Environmental Engineering, Columbia University, New York
B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Santa Clara University, California


Basalt, CO

Authored Works

The Economics of Battery Energy Storage: How Multi-use, Customer-sited Batteries Deliver the Most Services and Value to Customers and the Grid (Technical Appendix)

Utilities, regulators, and private industry have begun exploring how battery-based energy storage can provide value to the U.S. electricity grid at scale. However, exactly where energy storage is deployed on the electricity system can have an immense impact on the value created by the technology. With this report, we explore…