Emily Beagle

Emily Beagle

Emily Beagle is a former Senior Associate in the Climate-Aligned Industries Program at RMI. She worked on the Green Hydrogen Catapult, a joint initiative between RMI and the UN’s High-Level Champions for Global Climate Action, promoting the aggressive global adoption of green hydrogen at the scale needed to achieve a 1.5°C future. She also worked closely with RMI’s US Program on development and deployment of hydrogen policy in the United States.


Emily has nearly a decade of experience working in the intersection of engineering and policy focused on systems-level transformation of the energy system to address climate change. As an ASME Science and Technology Policy Fellow, she served in the office of Senator Tina Smith working on developing legislation to finance energy efficiency retrofits and support electric and industrial sector decarbonization. Before that, she did research in renewable energy deployment, novel emissions reduction technology assessment, and energy policy impacts.

Education & Awards

Ph.D., M.S., B.S., Mechanical Engineering, University of Wyoming
B.S., Energy Systems Engineering, University of Wyoming
NSF Graduate Research Fellow