Emerson Reiter

Project Leader at National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

Emerson Reiter is a project leader in NREL’s Integrated Applications Center, where he works on analysis and outreach to increase deployment of clean energy technologies. Several of his recent efforts have focused on electric utilities, such as running the Distributed Generation Interconnection Collaborative (DGIC), managing the solar technical assistance program pilot for utilities in 2016, and leading NREL’s contribution to strategies for utility-administered solar programs in Virginia.

In addition, he manages the Energy Transition Initiative at NREL, a U.S. Department of Energy program which supports clean energy adoption in island jurisdictions.


Prior to joining NREL, Emerson was a senior market design analyst at Pacific Gas and Electric, where he analyzed California’s wholesale power and greenhouse gas markets.


He holds an M.S. in Civil and Environmental Engineering, a B.S. in Environmental Engineering, and a B.A. in East Asian Studies, all from Stanford University.