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Douglas Miller



  • Disruptive Technologies

Doug Miller is a Manager at Rocky Mountain Institute who applies his experience in environmental and behavioral economics to develop bold, collaborative market solutions and action-oriented research. In his current role on the Energy Web Foundation (EWF) team, Doug focuses on developing, evaluating, and scaling applications of blockchain technology in the clean energy sector that tackle existing pain points and create value. During his first three years at RMI, he co-founded the Residential Energy+ initiative—where he developed solutions for real estate, home performance, and media professionals to motivate, simplify, and finance homeowner investments in energy upgrades—and developed resources about transformational business models, enhanced strategies for portfolio-wide investments in commercial buildings, and roadmaps for cities to achieve ambitious clean energy targets.



Prior to joining RMI in 2013, Doug served as an interdisciplinary researcher at Chatham House, Imperial College London, Carbon Smart, the Wharton School of Business, the University of Pennsylvania, and Oxford University—gaining extensive experience in the application of behavioral science to develop more effective environmental solutions. He also brings experience in green business startups, environmental law, city sustainability policy, climate risk management strategy, and green architecture.  


M.Sc., Environmental Technology with a Specialization in Environmental Economics & Policy, Imperial College London

BA, Philosophy, Politics, Economics (PPE) and Environmental Studies, University of Pennsylvania

Award: Scott Wilson Prize/URS Prize for Most Outstanding Overall Course Performance, 2013

Awards: Summa Cum Laude, 2012; Phi Beta Kappa, 2012; Ferdinand V. Hayden Award for the Outstanding Senior in Environmental Studies, 2012; PPE Program Awards for Distinguished Research and Distinguished Service & Support, 2012


Washington, D.C.




“I am proud to work at RMI because we are bold enough to challenge conventional thinking with robust research showing that a prosperous clean energy future is possible today, while also reasonable enough to work directly with business leaders, policymakers, and investors worldwide to identify and deploy scalable clean energy market solutions.”

Authored Works
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Blockchain Is Reimagining the Rules of the Game in the Energy Sector

Through the Energy Web Foundation, RMI is supporting the commercial implementation of blockchain applications that promote investments in clean, secure, and reliable electricity systems worldwide. Blockchain technology—the technology underpinning the Bitcoin virtual currency— has the potential to accelerate the transition to the clean energy future that Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) has…


Lumens as a Service

The energy revolution has been fueled by business model innovations that provide services to end users, rather than selling them capital. For solar photovoltaics, the innovation was the power purchase agreement. For mobility, it’s been a shift from personal car ownership to mobility services provided by the likes of Uber…

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How to Use Peer Diffusion to Make Better Homes a “Must Have”

Co-authored by Larry Zarker, Executive Director, Building Performance Institute Peer Diffusion: A form of communication within and between networks of people that (1) occurs through varying forms of social comparison and social interaction around an innovation (i.e., a new behavior, idea, or technology) and (2) ultimately promotes the broader adoption…

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Your Garage is Worth At Least $55,000

The global energy revolution is knocking at your door. With improving economics for home energy upgrades, plummeting costs for rooftop solar systems, and even the potential for defection from the electric grid, homeowners face a bevy of new options to control their own energy supply and demand—as well…

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Residential Energy+: Mapping the Future of Home Energy Upgrades

Kitchen remodels are sexy to homeowners. Energy efficiency is not. This simple yet punchy statement shared at the recent Residential Energy+ 2015 Workshop, held just outside Washington, DC, is one of many pervasive assumptions top industry representatives shared for what’s holding back homeowner investment in home energy performance, and failing…