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David Labrador

David Labrador is a former Senior Writer and Editor at RMI.

Authored Works

What is Solar Power Really Worth to Maine?

A recently released study commissioned by the Maine Public Utility Commission dropped a bombshell on the electricity world earlier this year, valuing distributed solar at $0.33 per kWh, far above the state’s prevailing price.


Teaching the Arithmetic of Deep Retrofit Value

Does it make business sense to do a deep energy retrofit on a commercial building? Many investors currently overlook the retrofit’s value beyond its energy cost savings, but now their asset managers will be able to do a more complete calculation.


A Small Iowa Town Embraces Energy Independence

How does a single streetscape project turn into a community-wide energy independence effort? Tiny Bloomfield, Iowa, discovered the answer with the help of RMI’s eLab Accelerator, and their story is a surprising one with big implications for small towns across America.