Claire Henly

Former Manager
  • SEED (Africa)

Claire managed RMI’s blockchain initiative, building a consortium of leading corporations to accelerate blockchain technology in the energy sector. Previously at RMI, Claire worked on projects across the energy sector and the world, including working with China’s central government to create a national 30-year, low-carbon energy plan. She identified strategies to reduce transportation emissions in China’s growing cities and evaluated the economic costs and benefits of the overall plan.

Claire also worked closely with the Rwandan government and utility to reduce electricity costs and increase access across the country. During this time she built strong relationships in Rwanda, co-developed an LED efficiency implementation plan with the utility and government, and led a joint team to produce the country’s first utility integrated resource plan.


Prior to starting at RMI, Claire co-founded Red Ox Systems to commercialize a novel fuel-cell technology. The company won several grants and business plan competitions including the Air/Water/Waste national prize of the Clean Tech Open. In 2012, Claire moved to Boston to work for the bioenergy and wastewater treatment startup, Cambrian Innovation. Claire moved Cambrian into two new markets, developed the company’s competitive analysis, and established new sales leads for their first product.

Outside of the cleantech startup space, Claire has worked for McKinsey & Company, consulting for a downstream energy company; BHP Billiton, modeling company-wide greenhouse gas emissions; and Goldman Sachs, opening and closing accounts for high net-worth clients.


B.Sc., Environmental Engineering, Yale University
Sabin Sustainable Venture Prize Winner


Boulder, CO




“I am passionate about working at the intersection of emerging technology, social progress and environmental impact.”

Authored Works
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