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Chuck Ray

Chuck Ray is a former Senior Associate of the EV Grid team where he was working to facilitate new mobility options and transportation electrification strategies for states, cities, and utilities by addressing market failures and deriving beneficial electrification outcomes.


Prior to RMI, Chuck worked in the utility industry in business development roles for leading companies in demand management
and distributed energy, utilizing his background in early stage software product development.


Chuck received a BS Engineering from the University of Texas and an MBA Technology from the University or Colorado.

Authored Works

Taking the Bus to Zero-Emissions Mobility

Public transit already provides far and away the lowest emissions per trip, other than walking or pedaling, and the continued electrification of buses is a key catalyst for reaching zero tailpipe emissions for both passenger and freight mobility. As we emerge from the pandemic, transit cannot be allowed to…


Getting Back on the Bus and Back to Work

The current pandemic has had an immediate and profound impact on public transit. Revenue is in free fall and ridership is at an all-time low. How will buses, trains, cars, and bikes play in our calculus as we return to work? Traffic data suggests an uptick in automobile traffic (even…


Don’t Start Your Engines: EVs Are off to the Races

Summer is generally a time for long weekends and vacations, but the electric vehicle juggernaut doesn’t share this proclivity to pause. Vehicle manufacturers are quickly pivoting to the rapidly emerging electric vehicle (EV) market. Volvo announced on July 5, 2017, that all of its new vehicles will contain an electric…