Brian Davis

Brian was appointed as Vice President Integrated Energy Solutions in July 2016. He is part of the New Energies business, which pursues three main areas of opportunities in the energy transition: new fuels for transport, such as biofuels and hydrogen; renewable power, where wind and solar energy can partner with gas to manage intermittency; and connecting customers with new business models for energy, enabled by digitalisation and the decentralisation of energy systems.

His specific role is to build a profitable position in the power value chain of the future through energy solutions that meet the needs of customers in both developed and developing markets.

Brian joined Shell Australia in 1988 at Clyde Refinery. In his career Brian has held technical, operational, strategic and business leadership roles in Shell’s downstream, trading and shipping businesses with exposure to most markets around the world. He moved from Australia in 1994 and has lived in the UK, NL, Turkey and Barbados.

He was appointed as VP Base Chemicals in 2011 and helped to grow that global business unit in North America, Europe and Asia. He most recently served as VP Group Strategy & Portfolio for Royal Dutch Shell where he interacted with the Executive Committee and Board on corporate strategy, including shaping of the New Energies division, which he is now part of implementing.

Brian holds a Degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Sydney. He is married to Katrina and has teenage twins. His interests include travel, photography, golf and rugby.