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Ben Holland

Senior Associate
  • Urban Transformation

Ben Holland is a Senior Associate on RMI’s Mobility team initiative in Austin, Texas, where he is working to advance urban design and land use solutions that will facilitate a global transition from personally owned vehicles to electric and autonomous mobility services. Ben works directly with RMI’s partners at the City of Austin, as well as a wide of community and industry stakeholders. He previously managed Project Get Ready, a multi-city collaborative focused on electric vehicle policy and infrastructure solutions.


Before RMI, Ben was the Director of Deployment Policy and Strategy at Securing America’s Future Energy (SAFE), where he led efforts to advance electric vehicle adoption in the organization’s deployment communities.


M.S., Business Analytics, University of Colorado

B.A., English, James Madison University

Authored Works

Ground Zero for New Mobility in Cities

In late March, two rivals that have battled for market share in a competitive industry for nearly a century announced an unexpected partnership to blend their respective market strengths and gain an advantage in a landscape that is fundamentally changing. We are not talking about a telecom or…


Breaking Down the Buzz about Big Data

“Big data” is the buzzword du jour in the energy efficiency world. That’s right, “smart grid” is losing its title as the little understood, least agreed upon term that everyone loves to use. But that is not to say that such concepts are without merit. In fact, one would be foolish to discount their importance.


Cities Working to Entice EVs

Before GM or Nissan ever sold a Volt or a LEAF, cities around the world had already installed charging stations, amended building codes, and formed initiatives to encourage the adoption of electric vehicles. At the heart of this effort was one clear objective: increasing the number of electric cars on the road.


What’s Lighting Up the Web: Solyndra

The recent bankruptcy of Solyndra Energy resulted in a media frenzy that directed considerable attention and scrutiny to the clean energy industry. The failure of this solar company has been called a “black eye” for the renewable energy industry, the end of green jobs, and as David Roberts of Grist warned, a climategate-level mess.


What’s Lighting Up the Web: Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber may not yet be a household term, but it is certainly present in many of our lives. Chances are your bicycle or tennis racket contains a composite made up of thousands of thin strands of this extremely light and durable material. Eventually our vehicles may contain greater quantities of carbon fiber as well.