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Anthony D. Teixeira

  • Carbon-Free Electricity

Anthony is a Senior Associate in RMI’s electricity practice. His expertise is centered on wholesale electricity markets and operations, as well as retail pricing. He is particularly interested in the role of businesses and markets in transforming the electric grid, especially at the distribution level. Anthony joined RMI in 2015.


Anthony came to RMI from TrueLight Energy, a consulting and trading startup based in Boston. Their clients included retail electricity and natural gas suppliers, utility scale renewable energy projects, and service providers in the industry. Most of his work was focused on wholesale and retail pricing, as well as some regulatory analysis and compliance work.

Prior to the startup, Anthony worked for International Power, a major independent power producer with a portfolio of coal, natural gas, and oil generators. There he worked on the real-time desk, managing daily plant operations and optimizing dispatch relative to real-time wholesale markets.


B.Sc., Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Boulder, CO

Authored Works

Creating a Profitable Balance

More than 600 million people across sub-Saharan Africa lack access to reliable electricity, creating significant cost for homes, businesses, and utilities. Understandably, this has translated into aggressive national installed capacity targets, with nations across East and West Africa aiming for increases of between 1.3 and eight times by 2020. Our…


Shifting Currents

The regional power-grid operator Southwest Power Pool (SPP) has quietly become a leader in renewable energy, and recent improvements to its marketplace signal an opportunity for corporate buyers. With an estimated 19 gigawatts (GW) of planned wind capacity additions (more than three times the current total of corporate off-take deals),…


Community Solar: A Cost-Effective Bridge away from Net Metering?

Community-scale solar is the solar electricity market’s latest darling. Utilities are excited by the opportunity for revenue and grid benefit, developers see the attraction of scale for all types of utilities and retail markets, and local communities and state regulators are jumping at the opportunity to expand community participation and enhance solar access at reduced cost.