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Anna Palmer

Social Media Lead
  • Communications

Anna Palmer is a form RMI employee responsible for developing, leading, and executing RMI’s digital media strategy. She worked to drive social media campaigns and digital outreach through creating new strategies and approaches to engage RMI’s market.


Prior to joining RMI, Anna researched and analyzed the intersections of migration and climate justice as a fellow with the Othering and Belonging Institute at UC Berkeley. Her research resulted in published case studies on the climate crisis and climate refugees around the globe.


B.A., Sociology, Occidental College


Oakland, CA

Authored Works

RMI Joins Global Leaders for New York Climate Week

2020 is the year that many people woke up to the immediacy of climate change. The West Coast has suffered from the worst wildfire season in memory. Repeated hurricanes have bashed the Atlantic Coast and Gulf Coast. Both of these were driven by the hottest August on record in…