Andrew Merton

Statistician and System Analyst at Spirae

Dr. Andrew Merton’s work drives the strategic evolution of Spirae’s Wave control platform with respect to data analytics and optimization. Most recently, Andrew has lead the development of a planning engine to optimally schedule aggregations of energy storage systems using demand, renewable production, and price of energy forecasts to determine the optimal sequence of operations relative to a user-defined objective (e.g., maximize revenue) while respecting asset and operational constraints and limits (e.g., maintain a minimum state of energy). Other areas of impact include power system modeling (e.g., optimizing the portfolio of assets to meet system requirements, assessing the impact of integrating renewable resources, estimating asset life expectancy, …), developing and maintaining forecast models for demand and renewable resources (power, energy, and volatility), and supporting a variety of projects by providing statistical expertise to build (statistical) models, perform and evaluate simulation studies, design experiments, and analyze and visualize complex data.