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Allison Crow



  • Mobility Transformation

Allison is an Associate working in RMI’s Mobility practice.  She joined RMI in December 2016.


Allison comes to RMI after receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering at Stanford University.  While pursuing her degree, Allison interned with energy research labs, including NASA materials lab and NREL’s biomass group, focusing on energy efficiency for the transportation industry.  Following her degree, Allison spent a summer working for an Icelandic start-up producing renewable methanol.


B.Sc.,Chemical Engineering, Stanford University

Authored Blog Posts

Does Lyft Alleviate City Traffic?

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How Safe Are Self-Driving Cars?

On Tuesday, Waymo (formerly called Google’s Self Driving Car program) announced a bold new step in the deployment of electric automated mobility services that will eventually reduce CO2 emissions by almost a gigaton per year and help limit global temperature rise to less than 2 degrees. Hundreds of Arizonans…