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Alexander Klonick

Sr. Associate


  • Business Renewables Center

Alex is primarily working with the Business Renewable Center to accelerate the sustainable purchasing of renewable energy. He is also working to open new markets and scale impact by developing data based tools that streamline decision making.


Alex began his career in research and development at a vehicle telematics startup company. To move closer to his passion of solving environmental problems, he consulted on the development of an online water conservation tool for agricultural stakeholders in the Colorado River Basin. On the side, he taught English as a second language, and volunteered on an Engineers Without Borders project in Panama.

Beyond energy, he has applied his skills to co-found the North American Coalition for Insect Agriculture. The group will help establish the nascent industries related to insects as feed and food by organizing the varied interests and resources. He is especially excited by the potential of the feed industry to address two significant ecological issues, food waste and over-fishing.


Master of Environmental Management (Economics & Policy), Duke University

BS in Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan

2017 One Energy Scholar, President Appointee of Duke Campus Sustainability Committee


“I am proud to work with an incredibly talented team at an organization uniquely positioned to decipher, influence, and connect the evolving energy ecosystem across the world.”

Authored Works
Outlet Blog Post

The Power of Agreement

This past year set a new record for total capacity of announced corporate renewable energy (RE) purchases. This unprecedented demand has been met with robust supply from renewable energy project developers as well as from utilities, which have demonstrated their willingness to work with these buyers in finding new solutions…

Outlet Blog Post

Perfect Timing for Renewables

As climate action and the commitment to hit our targets gains ground in Canada, including the federal government’s commitment to phase out coal, companies required to meet carbon and environmental obligations have realistic options worth considering. Renewable energy prices are dropping—making it easier to purchase renewable energy to meet customer…