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Alexa Thompson

Alexa Thompson

Senior Associate
  • Climate Aligned Industries

Alexa is a Senior Associate in RMI’s Climate-Aligned Industries Program, where she leads the policy function of the Mission Possible Partnership (MPP). The MPP is a coalition working to decarbonize the world’s harder-to-abate sectors, with a focus on steel, cement, chemicals, aluminum, shipping, aviation, and heavy-duty road transport. These sectors account for 30 percent of global emissions today, and they require cross-value chain approaches involving producers, customers, capital providers, and policymakers to move toward net zero.


Before joining RMI, Alexa was Head of Strategy for Australian cleantech startup RayGen, a developer of solar power and long-duration storage technologies. In that role, Alexa guided product and market strategy, raised capital, developed early customer relationships, and generally rode the exhilarating roller coaster of leading a cleantech hardware startup.

Prior to RayGen, Alexa worked at McKinsey & Company, serving clients across multiple sectors in Australia and New Zealand.


B.A. with Honors, University of Melbourne, Australia


Boulder, CO

Authored Works
Wind turbines and solar panel field

Policy Memo: Clean Hydrogen Abatement

Scaling up green hydrogen can help accelerate our clean energy future. Green hydrogen is the process by which hydrogen is created using clean energy sources. In this memo, RMI outlines policy recommendations for successful and viable deployment— as hydrogen will be key to sectors of the clean economy where electrification is not possible.