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Mobility Innovation Lab

We provide a groundbreaking change lab that supports innovation, collaboration, and the acceleration of the bottoms-up ideas that will transform the transportation system.

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What Is the Mobility Innovation Lab?

The Mobility Innovation Lab (MIL) is an assembly of thought leaders and decision makers from across the United States transportation sector who focus on collaborative innovation to untangle the complex barriers that stand in the way of cleaner mobility.

Why it Matters

By bringing together the stakeholders required to advance specific exemplary projects, address gaps, and derive solutions, breakthroughs can be achieved that deliver a replicable real-world foundation for scaling up.

Who’s Involved

The Mobility Innovation Lab’s advisors and participants are leading thinkers and decision makers with a diverse set of capacities and perspectives. Our participants form the core of MIL and represent all aspects of the transportation system.

What We’re Doing

Mobility Innovation Lab Project Accelerator

Advancing and accelerating mobility transformation

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What We’ve Accomplished

2018 M-Tec Mobility Accelerator

Advancing Transportation Electrification Projects in the Midcontinent Region

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Our Team

Edward J. Klock-McCook

Michael Liebman
Senior Associate

Chuck Ray
Senior Associate



The Vehicles Are Here—Now What?, 2018

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Under the Hood of the Leading Transportation Projects in the Midwest, 2018

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