We are working with utilities, policymakers, and businesses to make electric vehicle (EV) charging effective and scalable, focusing on personal vehicles and fleets.

Detroit, Michigan, USA - October 23, 2016: A Charging Station for electrical vehicles in downtown Detroit with a Chevy Volt electrical vehicle currently being charged.

What is the EV-Grid Initiative?

We are accelerating the electrification of the transportation sector with stronger management and renewed focus on research, state rulemaking, and economics of utility- and business-led charging rollouts.

Why It Matters

Many utilities and policymakers are not yet clear on how to rapidly deploy economically sustainable charging infrastructure to support EVs of all sizes, nor how to mount the large-scale programs needed to manage and benefit from more EVs on the grid.

Who’s Involved

Utilities, regulators, cities, states, transit authorities, and fleet owners all need information and support to overcome road blocks, build new business models, and adapt to the new mobility paradigm.

What We’re Doing

• High-Speed Charging Implementation: Growing the use of EVs through improved infrastructure.

• Grid Integration of EV Charging Loads: Supporting utilities and other players in managing and benefitting from more EVs on the grid.

• Supporting Mobility Services: Reducing car ownership and overall vehicle miles traveled.

Our Team

Chris Nelder

Edward J. Klock-McCook

Lynn Daniels

Chuck Ray
Senior Associate

Michael Liebman
Senior Associate



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