Zero Methane Emissions

We aim to reduce climate-change causing methane impacts of the oil and gas industry by 5.6 billion metric tons of CO2 equivalent emissions.

What Is the Zero Methane Emissions Program?

We’re working to solve the methane emissions problem in the global oil and gas industry by bringing together industry, international finance, and entrepreneurs to recover $60 billion in lost economic opportunity and to reduce climate impacts by 5.6 billion metric tons of CO2 equivalent emissions, or 8 percent of global greenhouse gasses.

Why It Matters

The growth of methane emissions comes at a time when CO2 emissions have stalled or flattened. By contrast, methane concentrations have begun to track the rapid-growth trajectory many carbon-intensive industries took throughout the 21st century. If these trends continue, methane growth will quickly overwhelm efforts to reduce CO2 in the short term. Reducing methane emissions from oil and gas operations is among the biggest greenhouse gas bargains in the world. Capturing and converting the approximately $60 billion in wasted natural resources is an immediate, actionable opportunity to help avert catastrophic climate change and improve a key industry’s climate performance, while boosting operational efficiency and even creating jobs.

What We’re Doing

We're accelerating tomorrow’s solutions: Speeding the development of methane-capture projects in leading oil- and gas-producing regions to recover wasted economic value while simultaneously reducing carbon emissions.

Leveraging finance: Accelerating the flow of investment into the sector through coordination across financial institutions, access to carbon finance instruments, training, and experience-sharing for investors.

Catalyzing partnerships: Between international financial institutions and flares-out initiatives within industry and at the country level, in order to finance methane-reduction projects and raise investor awareness of the serious harm from worldwide methane emissions.

Catalyzing the next wave of innovation: Establishing an innovation platform to deploy existing technologies, adopt new technologies, and design new business models so that project developers can initiate, finance, and execute methane mitigation projects.

Our Partners

Environmental Defense Fund


Virgin Unite


World Bank Global Gas Flaring Reduction Program


Our Team

Ned Harvey
Managing Director

Thomas Koch Blank

Cate Hight

Taku Ide

LeeAnn Baronett
Marketing Manager

Kathleen Wight
Business Development Manager

Annabelle Sullivan
Executive Assistant