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Climate Aligned Industries

Zeroing In

These key findings and recommendations from climate-alignment workshops can help US financial institutions make and implement net-zero commitments.

Climate Aligned Industries

State of Green Banks 2020

Around the world, a growing number of countries are exploring green banks—financial institutions or facilities dedicated to accelerating the shift to a sustainable economy. State of Green Banks 2020 is the first aggregation and analysis…

Climate Aligned Industries

Recasting the Golden Key

Public finance is one of the most powerful tools at our disposal to accelerate global progress toward net-zero economies, yet far too little has been done to optimize its ability to drive decarbonization. Both public…

Climate Aligned Industries

Breaking the Code

The debate over whether private financial institutions should play a proactive role in the low-carbon transition is coming to a close, and significant efforts to define what this role should be in practice have begun.…

Climate Aligned Industries

How To Retire Early

As the urgency of the climate crisis grows, new analysis reveals that coal is no longer the cheapest way to power the global economy. The cost of clean energy has fallen so far that new…

Climate Alignment

Charting the Course to Climate-Aligned Finance

By the end of 2019, financial institutions representing $17.2 trillion had committed to align their investment portfolios with the decarbonization goals of the Paris Agreement. The scale of ambition is exciting, but the question remains:…