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Clean Energy 101: Electric Trucks

Trucks are going electric, from your favorite pickup, to the delivery van dropping off your packages, to the big rigs that haul freight across the interstates.


Electric Trucks Reach a Tipping Point

Electric Trucks Reach a Tipping Point New analysis from RMI shows that 65 percent of medium-duty and 49 percent of heavy-duty trucks are electrifiable today. Boulder, CO and Toronto, ON — May 9, 2022 Trucks…


Electric Trucks Can Move Our Stuff Today

Popular passenger pickup trucks like the Ford F-150 aren’t the only thing going electric. RMI recently determined that a large portion of medium- and heavy-duty (MHD) trucks in California and New York are currently…


Electric Mobility for All

Motivated largely by concerns over global greenhouse gas emissions, the transportation sector is focusing increasingly on a transition to zero-emissions vehicles. For this transition to be successful, not only from a climate but also from…