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Plug Into New Ideas

RMI Outlet, Rocky Mountain Institute’s blog, explores topics critical to RMI’s mission to transform global energy use to create a clean, prosperous, and secure low-carbon future.

A Transportation Success Story (Video)

RMI’s Project Get Ready is focused on preparing cities around the country for the arrival and growth of the electric vehicle (EV) industry. Watch Ben Holland, PGR project manager, explain more about the way PGR convenes everyone from government leaders to electrical contractors in cities around the country to tackle some of the thorny questions around EV infrastructure...

What Keeps Utilities Up at Night?

Within any given city, many well-established sectors must change to accommodate plug-ins, and diverse players must build a new system of connectivity in order to coordinate charging times, billing, consumer preferences, and other factors.

Putting the “Do” in “Think and Do Tank”

Your support can help drive a future powered by efficiency and renewables-- Rocky Mountain Institute’s annual Spring Appeal calls on those who share our vision of a new energy era based on energy efficiency. Your support is key to our work to drive the U.S. toward a secure and vibrant future free of fossil fuels. Now, your donation can be doubled thanks to a generous anonymous donor who has given RMI a $50,000 matching challenge.

Time to Fight the Rising Plug Load Monster

Your printer is sitting on your desk innocuously, but it actually keeps feeding an insatiable monster. It and its neighbors—lamps, the computer, the scanner—all typically draw electricity around the clock.