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6x2 Axles Update


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Fleets switching their tractors to 6×2 axle configurations could realize a 2.5% fuel reduction, among other benefits. Since the original Confidence Report on 6×2 axles issued in January 2003 , 6×2 adoption among North America long-haul fleet has increased from approximately 2% to 4–5% in 2016. However, many fleets still view them as a niche offering suited for the southern region of the U.S.

Factors that have contributed to the limited adoption of 6×2 axles include: low fuel prices, higher tire wear, driver perception, residual value, and improved efficiency of 6×4 axles.

However there is reason for optimism with 6×2 technology. Through a combination of best practices and adoption of complementary technologies, fleets have found that 6×2 axles work for their application and are benefitting from the improved fuel consumption.

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