Next-Generation Energy Management: Solutions for the next level of performance in corporate real estate

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Global energy investment in buildings is on the rise, and many companies are taking part to earn a profit, manage risk, and meet growing stakeholder demands. The world’s largest companies have committed to aggressive goals such as becoming 100 percent powered by renewable energy, and are already profiting on their progress.Significant business opportunities remain for the rest of the world’s major companies to set and achieve higher energy management goals. The key for these companies is to become more active energy consumers by identifying opportunities for energy efficiency, power load flexibility, and renewable power generation investment. Companies can use the solutions proposed in this paper to get organized, capitalize upon specific opportunities, and optimize their overall approach to this business opportunity. The solutions are broad enough to be meaningful for most companies, yet some solutions will undoubtedly be more important for specific business sectors and situations.Corporate real estate professionals who implement these solutions with the energy team have the opportunity to build significant company value. To assist in the implementation of these solutions, CoreNet Global and Rocky Mountain Institute will be facilitating ongoing interactions and events with members, such as roundtable discussions. Please inquire with the contacts of this paper for more information.