Report | 2020

Accelerating Bangalore’s Mobility Transition

Insights from the Bangalore Urban Mobility Lab

By MICELIO, RMI India, and RMI
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Cities across India are witnessing rapid urbanization and growing mobility demand. Developing and deploying shared, clean, and citizen-centric mobility solutions will be critical to ensure this demand is met in a sustainable manner that provides safe, accessible, and reliable transportation for citizens.

To accelerate the deployment of contextualized mobility solutions, Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) created the Urban Mobility Lab to support Indian cities in identifying, integrating, and implementing mobility solutions that can transform how people and goods move. In Bangalore, RMI and RMI India have partnered with Micelio and Government of Karnataka’s departments—the Directorate of Urban Land Transport (DULT), Invest Karnataka Forum, and the Department of Industries and Commerce—to cohost the Urban Mobility Lab.

This report summarizes the discussions that took place on 19–20 February, 2020. Over these two days, more than 150 stakeholders from Bangalore’s mobility ecosystem, representing leaders in government, private sector, and civil society, came together in a multi-stakeholder workshop to collaboratively develop solutions to help Bangalore address its key mobility challenges and develop implementable solutions.

Together, these participants developed and prioritized more than ten actionable solutions. This report aims to share the solution details, including key insights and lessons learned, in order to accelerate the implementation and scaling of mobility solutions in Bangalore and beyond.


The Pathway forward

RMI, RMI India, and Micelio, in consultation with the government departments in Bangalore, will work with stakeholders to help advance a select portfolio of the mobility solutions generated on 19–20 February 2020.

As we move forward to implement this portfolio, we recognize the evolving COVID-19 pandemic that is affecting all of us. First and foremost, we are wishing for good health and safety of all. The COVID-19 pandemic brings uncertainty and is undoubtedly changing our priorities and responsibilities. It will require us to adapt, including how, when, and on what we work on together.

While some of the details and methods of work could evolve, the ultimate goals will remain the same. RMI, RMI India, and Micelio are monitoring the situation and will continue our work in a form that is appropriate and acknowledges stakeholder priorities. We look forward to our work together to build an equitable, safe, and resilient mobility system in Bangalore.

To learn more about the Urban Mobility Lab in Bangalore, please watch the video.