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Webinar: Managing Fuel Costs

  • Wed, October 25
  • 4:00 p.m. ET
  • Virtual

About This Event

Utilities typically handle fuel costs through fuel adjustment clauses. Under these policies, 100 percent of the cost of fuel is passed onto customers. When fuel costs spike, only utility customers take the hit. If a utility company is frugal with its fuel, it’s never rewarded for its efficiency; and when it burns more than it should, customers are stuck with the bill. 

This creates two problems: 1) it provides no financial incentive for utilities to manage their fuel costs carefully, and 2) it offers regulators little visibility into how efficiently the utility is running. At a time when utilities have abundant opportunities to innovate in ways that can streamline how they produce electricity and reduce costs for customers, business as usual is creating hardship for homes and a crisis for our climate. In this webinar, moderated by RMI’s Joe Daniel, we explore six ways that regulators can act to relieve fuel-cost burdens across America. 


Joe Daniel

Principal, Carbon-Free Electricity

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VIDEO: Strategies for Encouraging Good Fuel Cost Management

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POWERPOINT: Strategies for Encouraging Good Fuel Cost Management

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