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Works by Amory Lovins

Thorium Cycles and Proliferation

This is the first in a two-part exchange between Amory Lovins and A. De Volpi about thorium cycles and nuclear proliferation. In this piece, Lovins connects the use of uranium-233 and nuclear proliferation. He analyzes misconceptions about nuclear fuel cycles that breed fissile uranium-233 from thorium and the differences in…

Out of the Frying Pan, Into the PWR

In this paper, Amory Lovins argues that pressurized water reactors (PWR) are an economic disaster. PWRs are a type of nuclear power reactor. Lovins argues that development of nuclear pressurized-water reactors fail to live up to industry performance projections.

Resilience in Energy Strategy

In this editorial, Amory Lovins argues that modern society is entirely dependent on the uninterrupted supply of electricity. Due to the over-centralization of our power supply, however, we find ourselves vulnerable to even minor perturbations in the electrical grid. Lovins argues that incorporating resiliency into the design of our power…

Long Term Constraints on Human Activity

In this paper, Amory Lovins discusses the forces shaping and constraining social enterprise. Lovins argues that humans are constrained by problems of food, land and water, climatic change, energy, hazardous substances, non-fuel minerals, diversity and resilience of ecosystems, management and global organization. These problems raise fundamental questions about present trends…

Nuclear Spread: The Cure Begins at Home

In this New York Times op-ed, Amory Lovins commends the paper for calling attention to the link between nuclear power and nuclear weapons, and provides further commentary about the social, political, and economic logic of pursuing a non-nuclear energy future. Lovins argues that energy efficiency measures and alternative energy sources…