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Reality Check: Appalachia Poised to Become Clean Energy Country

When it comes to the clean energy transition, many fear that coal-dependent regions like Appalachia will lose out or be left behind. But a new analysis from RMI challenges that assumption, finding that Appalachia could be the region to see the biggest economic benefit from the deployment of wind and…

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Bringing Reliable, Renewable Energy to the People

Income inequality is palpable on the streets of the United States in cities and towns alike. On one block you may have neighborhoods with maintained roads and sidewalks, well-funded schools, and easy access to services including grocery stores, transit, healthcare, and banks. And on the next block you may have…

Don’t Take Existing Energy Transition Funding for Granted

In the United States, while all eyes have been on the bipartisan infrastructure package and reconciliation bill, local leaders should not lose sight of the funding that already exists to accelerate the transition to a clean energy economy. To be fair, the promise of new federal programs to support a…

Woman is checking to see if the air conditioner is cooling. She is holding the remote to the air conditioner and raised her hand to check temperature.

How Congress Can Accelerate Zero-Emissions Homes

The Biden administration has set an ambitious goal of cutting greenhouse gas emissions at least in half by 2030 to help avoid the worst impacts of climate disruption. As a result, 2021 may be the year the federal government finally acts to curb one of the largest sources of those emissions: the gas used for space and water heating and cooking in millions of buildings across the country.

Getting Climate Policy Right in the Infrastructure Bills

The current infrastructure bills being crafted and debated in Washington, D.C. could not come at a more dramatic time. Across the United States we are seeing heat records shattered, supercharged wildfires, mass die-offs of sea creatures, and flooding in cities. Fittingly, these infrastructure packages would represent the largest US investments…