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Systems Mapping: A Vital Ingredient for Successful Partnerships

The number of multi-stakeholder partnerships (including organized collaborations between governments, businesses and civil society organizations) that address the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) has rapidly expanded since 2015. Many of these partnerships are working to transform complex systems from an unsustainable to a sustainable pathway, such as moving from…

Building Urbanism into Climate Policy

Over the last several years, I have been helping state agencies and utilities develop deep decarbonization scenarios that follow a “pathways” approach to slashing emissions by 80 percent or more in several decades. At the same time, I have taken a leadership role in the growing pro-housing “Yes in…

Beyond Buying Renewables: How Cities Can Influence the Energy System

As US cities and counties transition to clean energy for their own operations and communities, many are finding that stakeholders and policies beyond their jurisdictions affect their ability to purchase clean energy. Policy and regulatory decisions made by states, utilities, public utilities commissions, and wholesale market governing bodies…

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Reimagining Grid Resilience in the Energy Transition

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced much of the world to first shelter in place and then continue to spend significant time at home as outbreaks re-emerge. Reliable delivery of electricity to homes and essential businesses in this time of upheaval has been critical in maintaining any semblance of normality. Yet…