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Earth Day for a Decade

As we enter the decisive decade for the climate crisis, every effort to reduce emissions matters. That is why on this Earth Day 2021 we are calling for every day to be a day of action, for the next decade and beyond. We know that emissions must be reduced 50%…

Four Questions CEOs Must Answer This Year to Achieve Net Zero

During this decisive decade for the climate crisis, all CEOs must act with urgency to align their business with net-zero targets. As leaders of organizations with significant impact on emissions, CEOs have a particular responsibility to ensure rapid progress towards net zero. Those that fail to act will find themselves…

A New Dawn

Today, the inauguration of the Biden-Harris Administration begins a new chapter in history, with the opportunity to look toward the far horizon of potential progress. As one of his first executive orders, President Biden has recommitted the United States to the Paris Agreement. Federal leadership in Washington, D.C., will now…