Solar energy panel photovoltaic cell and wind turbine farm power generator in nature landscape for production of renewable green energy is friendly industry.


Ted Owens showing off a pair of old solar panels from the 1960s

Ted Owens: In Pursuit of Practical Magic

RMI donor (and great-nephew of Dr. Seuss) Ted Owens discusses his journey toward caring about the environment and the influences and projects that have deepened his learning along the way.

Triborough bridge in New York City covered in wildfire smoke

Spreading Smoke, Rising Risks

We talk with RMIers about how wildfires and air pollution have touched their lives and drive their work.

amory and dina on stage with microphones

Ask Amory

Your questions answered by RMI cofounder Amory Lovins

Driving Climate Action with Pride

As Pride month kicks off, meet some of the inspiring LGBTQ+ staff at RMI who are working every day for a prosperous, zero-carbon future for all.