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At a Critical Climate Juncture, RMI Takes on Climate Week NYC

On Friday, September 20, and then again one week later, climate strikes are planned around the world in which hundreds of thousands of activated citizens are expected to step out of their schools, homes, and workplaces to gather to demand bold and immediate action on climate. The world is abuzz…

Freedom Isn’t Free…of Methane

Last week, the US Department of Energy started referring to natural gas as “molecules of freedom” or “freedom gas,” referring to the ability of natural gas from the United States to provide “a diverse and affordable source of clean energy” for the world. It’s true that natural gas is often…

Critical Levers to Scale Innovative, Energy-Efficient Cooling Technologies: Takeaways from the Global Leaders’ Perspectives

As we celebrate the two-year anniversary of the historic Kigali Amendment of the Montreal Protocol today, it is promising to see the growing discussion around the environmental impacts of current air-conditioning units and the need to replace harmful hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) with more climate-friendly alternatives. Leaders from across the…