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Smart Garage Charrette Preread Core

The Smart Garage Charrette Preread Core gives the most important background on the Smart Garage vision (united vehicles, the grid, and buildings through vehicle electrification), technologies, modeling, and market analysis, including hot topics as of October 2008.

Truck Efficiency and GHG Reduction Opportunities in the Canadian Truck Fleet

Fuel-efficiency devices such as retrofittable aerodynamic technologies, fuel-efficient tires, and auxiliary power units can effectively offset engine-efficiency losses resulting from the 2002 and 2007 Environment Canada and U.S. EPA emissions regulations, while reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions significantly. To identify which fuel-saving devices are most effective, consistent, clear involvement from…

Dust to Dust’s Assumptions About the Prius and the Hummer

In 2007, CNW published a study called Dust to Dust which reports the results of a life cycle analysis that compared the environmental impact of a Toyota Prius and a Hummer H3. The report claims that the Prius has a greater environmental impact than the H3. In response to this…

Letter to NHTSA on Revised Light Truck CAFE Standards

This letter was written by Amory Lovins in 2005 and sent to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In the letter, Lovins commends the NHTSA for its 2005 adoption of CAFE standards based on size rather than weight. Size-based standards incentivize manufacturers to use lighter materials that improve the efficiency…

Legislative Options to Improve Transportation Efficiency

Traditional policy prescriptions for transportation efficiency have been largely misguided. With smarter legislation, the auto industry can restore competitiveness, boost profits, and displace oil use. The economic burden of high oil prices, concerns of supply and security, and environmental impact are justifiable reasons for state governments to act now. This…