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Autocomposites Commercialization Launchpad Kickoff Meeting: Post Meeting Report

Manufacturing demonstration equipment and standard test rigs
A launchpad for competitive, application-specific commercialization projects
A clearing house for aligning academic, private, and government R&D with industry needs
•A center for developing and proving out solutions to collective R&D challenges such as joiningA source for material dataInitial launchpad goals are toProduce a commercialization 

Autocomposites Commercialization Launchpad Kickoff Meeting Pre-Read

Respondents were from across the supply chain: OEMs, tier 1s, material suppliers, equipment and tooling suppliers, government, universities, national labs, and industry consultants.18 of 21 respondents indicated they are “very interested” in a carbon fiber composite part commercialization effort. Respondents were willing to contribute to the effort: 14 said they…

Autocomposites Workshop Pre-Read

RMI is committed to reducing U.S. oil dependence and enhancing the competitive positioning of the U.S. automotive sector by catalyzing a shift to ultralight, ultrastrong autobodies made of advanced materials, particularly carbon fiber composites. Light autobodies dramatically improve fuel efficiency and allow powertrains to be smaller, lighter, more efficient, and…

Kickstarting the Widespread Adoption of Automotive Carbon Fiber Composites: Key Findings and Next Steps

This report details the results of RMI’s 2012 Autocomposites Workshop. During the course of a three-day workshop, ~40 leading experts from across the automotive carbon fiber composite value chain, industry experts, and government representatives convened to develop approaches to break down the barriers that have stifled advancements in vehicle weight…