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Supercar: the Coming Light Vehicle Revolution

This paper describes how ultralight hybrid-electric family cars could achieve < 1.6 liters per 100 km using 1993-era technology and greater fuel efficiency at a later time with superior safety, amenity, performance, and price. Far from sacrificing other attributes for efficiency, ultralight hybrids could be more safe, peppy, clean, durable,…

Advanced Light Vehicle Concepts

In this presentation from 1991, Amory Lovins explores ways to extend the art and science of carmaking in order to develop an advanced light vehicle. Lovins proposes technology and policy solutions and he argues that the auto industry at this time had an opportunity to capture design synergisms and make…

CAFE Signals Gas-Mileage Efficiency

In this response to an editorial in The Wall Street Journal criticizing CAFE standards, Amory Lovins describes the failure of the free market to accurately signal the social benefits of efficient vehicles. Lovins supports CAFE standards as an effective tool for improving automotive efficiency. He describes how efficiency standards save…