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Global Energy Transitions

Crystallized Pedagogy: Architecture as a Medium for Sustainability Education

The notion that human behavior is influenced by environmental conditions is not novel, though this dynamic is often overlooked and underappreciated in the construction of buildings and cities. Particularly in the field of sustainable or green building, focus is directed toward the impact of building-related human behavior on the environment.

Framework for Community Sustainability: Ten Ingredients for Long-Term Success

The Framework for Community Sustainability was derived from the experiences of North American communities that understand that community, economy, and environment are not competing interests, but complementary parts of a whole. This framework outlines the components of smart and sustainable community governance, suggesting how to weave sustainability into the public,…

Building Community Prosperity Through Natural Capitalism

This document provides guidance for communities that are attempting to grow economically regardless of physical size. The guide lists dozens of ways communities are tapping their potential today through natural capitalism. Many of these actions are well known, others innovative. They distribute benefits widely across the community and they’re compatible…

Advancing the Regeneration of the Cuyahoga Valley

This report describes the Cuyahoga Regeneration Project, a community effort focused on several projects that simultaneously restore natural systems and strengthen economic development along the Cuyahoga River ship channel. The report contends that environmental restoration is no longer an option for American cities; it’s an imperative. Though many people regard…

Collaborating for Healthy Communities: The Path to a Sustainable Future

This paper offers a brief summary of the principles of community collaboration, describes how collaboration can proceed, and explains smart governance and active listening. Michael Kinsley argues that the path to a healthy community is not paved with charismatic leadership, increasing revenues, or technical expertise. Healthy communities are not formed…