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Cities and Communities

Project Assessment Worksheet: a Community Decision-Making Tool

This worksheet is designed to be used by communities when planning projects to encourage well-informed decisions and project design. It can be used at multiple stages in the project design process. It can help communities clarify a proposed project, determine project strengths and weaknesses, discover aspects of the project that…

Critical Thinking for Sustainable Community Decision Making

This Community Leadership Tool encourages community leaders to make informed decisions about sustainable development issues. Community leaders faced with an important decision can use it to discover many aspects of a proposed action that might otherwise be missed. It will help them think about aspects that are often left out…

Paying for Growth, Prospering from Development

This paper addresses the difference between growth and development, the reasons communities seek growth, the ways in which local governments unwittingly worsen growth problems in their attempts to solve them, and how communities can develop viable local economies without growth. Residents of many growing towns and cities are learning the…