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e-Lab Annual Report 2012–2013

In its first year, e-Lab made significant strides towards building the capacity of change agents in the electricity sector, fostering the development of new ideas and solutions, and engaging directly with leaders to test and implement new ideas that can ultimately scale broadly throughout the industry.

Sustainable Zero Net Energy: Identifying the Essentials for Solutions

This paper explores the challenges and opportunities available for the electricity and buildings industries as the adoption of distributed generation, energy efficiency, and zero net energy designs grow. This paper considers the following questions: how will increased penetration of distributed resources and ZNE buildings affect cost and value for the…

Technology capital cost projections

Sources for Reinventing Fire Technology Capital Cost Projects Chart The capital cost projects come from RMI analysis using learning curve theory, as detailed in: McDonald, A., Schrattenholzer, L., 2001. “Learning rates for energy technologies.” Energy Policy 29 (4): 255–261. Black & Veatch Corporation. 2008. Renewable Energy Transmission Initiative Final Report.