e-Lab: Electricity Innovation Lab

New Business Models for the Distribution Edge (eLab New Business Models Report)

This e-Lab discussion paper was prepared to support e-Lab deliberations and discussions and to engender a broader industry-wide dialogue about new approaches to the utility business model ecosystem at the distribution edge.This paper describes 1) how and why the forces changing the electricity system challenge existing pricing and business models,…

e-Lab Annual Report 2012–2013

In its first year, e-Lab made significant strides towards building the capacity of change agents in the electricity sector, fostering the development of new ideas and solutions, and engaging directly with leaders to test and implement new ideas that can ultimately scale broadly throughout the industry.

New Business Models for the Distribution Edge

The electricity industry is evolving from a traditional value chain to a highly participatory constellation of interconnected business models at the distribution edge, where retail customers interface with the distribution grid.