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How Digitally Native GHG Tracking Can Drive Faster Climate Action 

Companies around the world—not to mention their investors, shareholders, and supply chain partners—are more focused than ever on drastically reducing, or even zeroing, their carbon footprints.   Walmart and Apple have pledged to slash or entirely eradicate emissions from their respective supply chains…

For the EU’s Groundbreaking Climate Law, Data is Key

For years, manufacturers have watched with apprehension as the European Union debated a policy that could send shockwaves across the world’s heavy industries. Europe’s aim: to level the playing field between EU companies that pay for their carbon pollution and those overseas that don’t. Consider steel. Across Europe, steelmakers are…

Railway station and gas-processing factory on horizon.

The Methane Moment: An Interview with Debbie Gordon

Debbie Gordon is a senior principal in the Climate Intelligence Program at RMI, where she leads the Oil and Gas Solutions Initiative. Gordon also serves as a senior fellow at the Watson Institute of International and Public Affairs at Brown University and the principal investigator for the Oil Climate Project. This interview was conducted by RMI Editorial Director Christian Roselund.

Methane: A Threat to People and Planet

Methane is out of control and we need to manage it—to protect people and the planet. This main component of natural or fossil gas is a vastly more potent warming agent than CO2 over short timeframes, is accompanied by highly toxic chemicals, and when leaked can be a major health…

How to Fix Flaring for a Quick Emissions Win

A new year has arrived, and with the new presidential administration, climate change is again on the agenda in the United States, the world’s largest gas producer. The oil and gas industry has a quick win within reach to cut emissions—by putting out the fire of natural gas flaring. Oil…