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Climate Aligned Industries

Reviewing the Sustainable Finance Landscape

IMPLICATIONS FOR SUSTAINABLE FINANCEDiversity of Strategies: There are many tools in the sustainable finance toolkit. Actors should select strategies appropriate to the aspect of the energy system they wish to transform and to their resource constraints. Interrelationship of Elements: Sustainable finance transactions generally involve all five elements, so it is…

Industrial Ecology at Walmart

This article, published in the Japanese Nikkei Ecology, gives an overview of industrial ecology, an emerging interdisciplinary field, and explains how a groundbreaking program at Walmart, which will require a life cycle analysis of all products on the shelf, will increase demand for industrial ecologists.

Smart Planes Save Oil

This article, published in the Japanese Nikkei Ecology, explains how the next generation air traffic control technologies could save 10–12% of the oil consumed by air travel by 2030.

Port Innovation Workshop Final Report

RMI worked with the Port of Seattle, Port of Tacoma, and Puget Sound Clean Air Agency (PSCAA) to develop integrative solutions to reduce the emissions and energy use throughout port operations. This included cargo arriving in port on ships, cargo handling at the terminal, and cargo leaving the port via…