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Home Energy Briefs: #8 Kitchen Appliances

This Home Energy Brief discusses kitchen appliances. The Brief covers the following topics: food and the impacts of what we eat; the electricity use of refrigerators and freezers; cooking appliances; and food waste. Having an energy efficient kitchen means understanding the energy consumption of the appliances in your kitchen, the…

Home Energy Briefs: #6 Cleaning Appliances

This Home Energy Brief focuses on cleaning appliances. The Brief covers cold water washing, efficient dryers, and dishwashers. Dishwashers and clothes washers and dryers all use a lot of energy and water and are responsible for a significant portion of the average household’s energy bill. Often, this warrants a change…

Lightfair: Economics of Daylighting and Occupant Productivity

This presentation makes the case that workers are more productive in buildings that provide daylighting. The presentation provides several examples of office buildings, stores, and manufacturing facilities with ample outdoor light. Statistics on absenteeism and worker productivity support the claims.

Energy Performance Contracting for New Buildings

This guide describes energy performance contracts and performance-based fees for new buildings. Performance contracting provides an incentive for architects to design and construct efficient buildings and promotes better integration between architects, engineers, builders, owners, and operations and maintenance staff. The contracts provide an incentive to the design and construction community…

Home Energy Briefs: #1 Building Envelope

This Home Energy Brief focuses on the building envelope. It provides guidance for making improvements to a residential building envelope. One of the key features of an energy efficient home is a tight and properly insulated building envelope. Improvements such as adding insulation, sealing air leaks, and improving window features…