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Who Needs Skeletons? We’ve got Servers in the Closets.

IT Industry analysts estimate there are over 11 million servers in use in 2012, growing to almost 13 million by 2020. While many large data centers are addressing energy use, half of the energy consumption for U.S. data centers comes from small server rooms and closets. These server rooms are…

Working Together for Sustainability: The RMI-BOMA Guide for Landlords and Tenants

This guide is the result of a 2011 workshop put on by RMI and BOMA International to address some of the nontechnical barriers to energy efficiency in commercial buildings, especially those barriers related to split incentives between building landlords and tenants. This guide provides a framework for instituting cooperative and…

Going Deeper: A New Approach for Encouraging Retrofits

This paper describes a new approach to demand-side management that promotes whole-building projects and encourages owners, energy service providers, and utilities to work together for significant energy savings.

Achieving Passivhaus Standard in North America: Lessons Learned

To help mitigate climate change, the incremental approach to making homes and buildings less bad or 30% better than code is not going to work. We need aggressive, actionable solutions now. The Passive House standard (Passivhaus in German) is one of the world’s most aggressive, proven, voluntary approaches to radical…

Collaborate and Capitalize: Post-Report from the BEM Innovation Summit

In 2011, RMI convened an invited group of key stakeholders within the building energy modeling (BEM) community to increase collaboration and develop implementation plans to address key barriers. This report describes the motivation for convening the BEM Innovation Summit; provides a recap of the group events and discussions; provides a…