Female and Male Engineers are Discussing the 3D CAD Software Render of an Electric Concet Car. High Tech Laboratory with a Prototype Vehicle Chassis.

Breakthrough Technologies

Twenty Hydrogen Myths

This peer-reviewed white paper offers both lay and technical readers a documented primer on basic hydrogen facts, weighs competing opinions, and corrects twenty widespread misconceptions. Some of these include the following: a hydrogen industry would need to be developed from scratch; hydrogen is too dangerous for common use; making hydrogen…

Hydrogen: The Future of Energy

In this lecture given at the RMI Quest for Solutions event in 2003, Amory Lovins presents an argument for hydrogen as the next major supplier of energy. Hydrogen is versatile, clean, safe, and cheap. The widespread use of hydrogen and fuel cell vehicles would enable a profitable transition from oil.

Technical Appendix to Reevaluating Stormwater

This technical appendix was written in conjunction with the report “Reevaluating Stormwater” from the Pittsburgh Charrette. The appendix includes information about the charrette process as well as supporting information, documentation, and data that was used in the Pittsburgh Charrette. The purpose of the charrette was to address the problems associated…