Female and Male Engineers are Discussing the 3D CAD Software Render of an Electric Concet Car. High Tech Laboratory with a Prototype Vehicle Chassis.

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Growing Gigawatts of Green Hydrogen

Of all the technologies unleashed in the energy transition, few have generated the level of excitement that green hydrogen has. As a potential enabler of economically viable, zero-carbon solutions for everything from steel manufacturing to marine shipping, green hydrogen is positioned as a cure-all for the “hard-to-abate” sectors. This has…

Shipping and Aviation Plan to Go Net Zero. How?

This week has seen a seismic shift, with the global maritime shipping and aviation industries both committing to move to net zero by 2050. For the shipping industry, this is further progress on the landmark Poseidon Principles. For aviation, this shows a new level of ambition. But…

Moving China beyond Coal: At Home and Abroad

The tremendous announcement last week by Chinese President Xi Jinping that the nation is ending financing for coal plants abroad stands in contrast to a more complex situation at home. The Chinese economy continues to be strongly dependent on coal both to generate electricity and to make the most…

Why Aren’t More Grid-Edge Startups Investable?

In today’s era of energy transition buzzwords, “decarbonization” is the belle of the ball. But increasingly, so is “decentralization.” Nowhere is this more apparent than within the electricity sector—power grids around the world are decentralizing rapidly, with massive customer investment in grid-edge distributed energy resources (DERs) such as rooftop solar,…

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Driving Window Innovation to Combat Climate Change

From urban construction trends to aesthetic appeal and the many benefits of natural light indoors, windows are dominating more wall space in buildings than ever. And this global construction phenomenon isn’t going away. But there’s a glaring problem in this new equation: most windows today are massively inefficient, causing building energy consumption to skyrocket.