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Batteries Spark Biden’s Infrastructure and Jobs Promise

President Biden’s infrastructure plan (The American Jobs Plan) aligns recovery stimulus and climate action. This is smart: experts conclude that the green stimulus delivers high returns in job creation. To date, stimulus hasn’t been that green overall globally but the US plan will make a positive difference for our nation and the planet. To reap the full benefits,…

RMI Awarded $8 Million to Accelerate Carbon-Free US Buildings

The buildings where we live, work, and go to school have long been overlooked in terms of their contribution to global climate change. In all, buildings are responsible for more than 35 percent of the United States’ total carbon emissions. The gas burned in these buildings is a major contributor…

Why Deploying Climate Tech at Scale Is So Hard

The science is clear. To combat climate change, we need to deploy trillions of dollars a year into new, gigaton-scale climate solutions. Some of these solutions involve existing, mature technologies, while others will involve technologies that are nascent or have yet to be deployed commercially.